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Coimbra – the city of students.

The reason for this denomination is the existence of its University, which is the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.

It was created on March 1, 1290 by King D. Dinis (a century after the foundation of the Portuguese nation).
It already has 730 years of existence (celebrated in 2020).

Coimbra’s landscape welcomes its visitors with the iconic University Tower located at the highest point of the city.

Coimbra is home to centuries of history having been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 2013 in three points of the city, that are:

  • The University of Coimbra
  • High Street of Coimbra
  • Sofia street

Coimbra is strongly imbued with the academic and student spirit characterized by its bohemian life but it is much more than this, as its history is deeply rooted in that of Portugal being very rich in monuments, traditions and legends.

It’s worth exploring…!

Composed by two bedrooms, bathroom and open space that integrates living room, dining room and kitchen

Composed by a living room, bedroom, kitchenette and bathroom

Composed by a living room, bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and patio

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